The Privacy Policy for our apps and games

By downloading and using our apps/games, you agree with us those policies below:

1. Scope

This data protection notice tells users how their personal data is used.

Our studio provides games and related services that can be used with friends or in a social network. Users share, sample and design games with other people – our services unite people in fun and enjoyment. We do not collect or store any private information of user: phone number, email, name, age, …

2. User and gaming data at our studio

By taking part in a game, a user allows our studio to use its data (e.g. player name, level, results, prizes, coins) for staging the game(s) and services. Our studio is continually refining its games and services, adapting them to user requirements by using data provided anonymously: level, score, coin, … Our studio may also display your player status or scores to friends and other players.

3. Use of other plugins

Our games, services and websites may also contain other plugins. Each plugin is the responsibility of its provider (e.g. Twitter, Google, Scoreloop). Again, this means that we have no control over the amount of information that the respective provider collects with the help of its own plugin, or how it then uses that information.

If the user is not yet a customer of the provider or has not (yet) consented there to having its data collected and used, we recommend not clicking on these plugins.

4. Use of Google Analytics Advertising features

By playing this game, you agree us to collect game experienced data that used for Google Analytics Advertising Features includes:

+ Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting

+ Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data via advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers

This data help us easily upgrade the game better in the future. Please note that this data don’t included any personal information from you. More detail, they are statistics data about levels, missions, and screens that you have played.

For more information, please read:

+ Google advertising cookies:

+ Anonymous identifiers:

+ Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs:

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